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Rensselaer Catalog 2019-2020 
Rensselaer Catalog 2019-2020 [Archived Catalog]

New York State Center for Polymer Synthesis

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Acting Director: Chang Y. Ryu, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Center Home Page: http://www.rpi.edu/polymers

Dedicated in 1998, the New York State Center for Polymer Synthesis provides bridges for companies to work with Rensselaer faculty and students in designing, producing, and testing novel polymers than can change the way people live and work. Many high-technology industries remain materials limited, meaning that significant improvements in technology could be made if new, structurally tailored polymers with specific, predictable properties were prepared. Often, the creation of new polymers spawns entirely new industries. Thus, the center is committed to working with companies on their polymer-related problems. An extensive foundation in polymer science and special expertise in polymer synthesis has made the center highly successful in these endeavors.

To facilitate its research projects, the center houses advanced technology for the discovery, scale-up, processing and evaluation of unique polymers for applications in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and sustainable technology.  The Center’s focus is threefold: groundbreaking research, corporate and government partnerships, and undergraduate and graduate research.

Current research under way at the center includes work at the nexus of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and sustainable technology applications using synthetic and bio-derived polymers and composite materials. Examples of research projects include novel functional polymer design and synthesis, anionic and controlled free radical polymerizations, photo-initiated polymerizations, polymer  and nanomaterial functionalization, bio-based polymers and surfactants, biomimetic macromolecules, protein and DNA-based material design and synthesis, ion-conducting polymer membranes for fuel cells and electrolysis, nanostructured polymeric materials using block copolymers and polymer nanocomposites, polymer separation and purification, hydrogels and complex fluids, polymer surface and interface engineering for biotechnology and nanotechnology.   The Center members actively use and develop a comprehensive set of polymer characterization methods, such as thermal, mechanical, rheology, spectroscopy, chromatography, x-ray scattering and optical/scanning probe/electron microscopy techniques on campus and in national laboratories.

Affiliated Faculty

Chemical Engineering: C. Bae, W. Colon, R. Gross, C. Ryu, X. Wang

Chemistry and Chemical Biology: G. Belfort, S. Cramer, S. Lee, J. Plawsky, P. Underhill

Materials Science and Engineering: R. Ozisik, E. Palermo, L. Schadler, C. Ullal

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