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Rensselaer Catalog 2009-2010 
Rensselaer Catalog 2009-2010 [Archived Catalog]

Master of Science in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship*

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This degree is designed to prepare students to become entrepreneurs, experts at legal aspects of technology transfer, or managers in new product development centers in high technology companies.   There is a special focus on learning a given technology or science at the graduate level plus the legal issues in commercializing technology as well fundamentals in new product management.  The approved plan of study includes Creating and Managing an Enterprise I, Business Implications of Emerging Technologies, and Commercializing Advanced technologies.  The capstone course is Creating and Managing an Enterprise II. Students admitted into this program from schools other than RPI need to take preparatory courses in Accounting and Finance. The four elective courses are from other departments in science and engineering in the Institute, and the remaining credits consist of these legal study courses, all of which are delivered on campus by the Albany Law School:

Contracts (2 credits)
Introduction to Intellectual Property (2 credits)
Law of Technology Transfer (2 credits)

Electives Course Combinations:

Product Design and Innovation


  • ENGR 4960 Design Studio 6
  • STSH 4961 Design Studio 5


Biomedical Engineering

Four courses from the following:

  • BMED 4963/6963 Biology and Engineering of the Extracellular Matrix
  • BMED 4964/6964 Biomems
  • BMED 4962/6962 Mechanobiology
  • BMED 4965/6965 Commercializing Biomedical Technology

Materials Science

  • MTLE 6961 Advanced Mechanical Properties
  • MTLE 6962 Advanced Structure
  • MTLE 6963 Advanced Kinetics


Cognitive Science - Cognitive Engineering Track

  • COGS 6964 Cognitive Modeling
  • COGS 6966 Topics in Interactive Behavior

Cognitive Science - Artificial Intelligence Track

  • COGS 6963 Human Level Intelligence
  • COGS 6968 Knowledge Representation and Meaning

Computer Science

  • CSCI 6xxx (Any course at this level with adviser approval)


*  New York State approval pending.

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