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Rensselaer Catalog 2009-2010 
Rensselaer Catalog 2009-2010 [Archived Catalog]

Master of Science in Management (Hartford)

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Master of Science in Management


The M.S. in Management is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to be professional contributors and technical managers in a functional area of organizations. It is intended for students who want to acquire more expertise in a specialized area before they seek general management skills and capabilities later in their careers.   

The Master of Science in Management is a specialized program requiring a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate work and must:

  • Focus on enterprise management or innovation and entrepreneurship.  It must not be of a general business nature.  See below for a list of areas of concentrations.
  • Include the four core courses as defined below, four courses in an approved area of concentration, one elective, and a culminating experience (CAPSTONE course).  The program must meet the requirements of the Graduate School.  A Plan of Study must be approved by the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs.
  • Include a three-credit Capstone course ordinarily completed in the final term, which is satisfied by either: 1) MGMT 6680 Strategy, Technology, and Global Competitive Advantage; or 2) MGMT 7540 Leadership and Organizational Improvement; or 3) MGMT 7980, Capstone Project Course with the approval of a full-time faculty member.  See below for additional details.

The following is a typical 10-course M.S. program sequence.  The four core courses are normally offered every term.

Management Core: Background in Key Areas of Management

Concentration: Four Courses in a Focused Area of study (see below)

  • MGMT xxxx Concentration Course #1 Credit Hours: 3
  • MGMT xxxx Concentration Course #2 Credit Hours: 3
  • MGMT xxxx Concentration Course #3 Credit Hours: 3
  • MGMT xxxx Concentration Course #4 Credit Hours: 3
  • MGMT xxxx Elective Course Credit Hours: 3
  • MGMT xxxx Capstone Course Credit Hours: 3
    (MGMT 6680 or MGMT 7540 or MGMT 7980)*

Management and Technology Concentrations

A Concentration is a 12-credit-hour (four-course) sequence of related course work that is required for the M.S. in Management program (see above) but not required for the MBA. Neither the diploma nor the transcript will specify a concentration.  There are two main concentrations: Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Enterprise Management.  Specific requirements for each concentration are described below.

Innovation and Technology Concentrations

This concentration has been designed for students who have an interest in technological innovation, new product development, technological entrepreneurship, and new venture creation in established firms and start-up companies.  It prepares professionals in the strategic management of innovation and the integration of the technical function with other corporate functions and goals.

Students must select four concentration courses pertaining to Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

  • MGMT 7003 Sustainable Business Development

Enterprise Management

This concentration has been designed for students who are interested in the integration of supply networks, operations, marketing, finance, and management of information systems. It prepares students for management careers at several different levels of the product and service organization by developing the knowledge necessary to support and add value to the underlying strategic focus of a management system.

Students must select four concentration courses from one of the following areas of specialization:

Operations Management

Executives in every kind of organization–large and small, private and public, for-profit and not-for-profit – can utilize the tools delivered in this specialization to form high-level strategy and improve day-to-day operations; to unlock the value of their data; to model complex systems; and to make better decisions with less risk.  The courses will help improve processes, productivity, and performance across the entire business enterprise, whether its focus is service or production.

Select four courses from the following:


This specialization prepares students for a career path in corporate finance functions and for careers in the financial services industries.  The special finance problems in high-tech industries are explored as well as the impact of technology on financial markets and the financial manager in modern corporations.  To provide students with a broad finance background, students take four courses beyond the core financial management courses which are prerequisites for the courses listed below: MGMT 7740 Accounting for Reporting and Control - formerly MGMT 6190 Financial and Managerial Accounting - and MGMT 6020 Financial Management I – formerly MGMT 6310 Financial Management and Valuation of Firms.

Select four courses from the following:

Global Enterprise Management

This specialization explores the rapidly evolving managerial and technological environments which students will encounter as professionals in a competitive global marketplace. special emphasis is placed on the following areas: multinational business environments, varying levels of technology, finance, trade issues, politics, and cross-cultural dynamics.

Select four courses from the following:

Management Information Systems

This specialization is designed for professionals responsible for achieving competitive advantage through the integration of information technology into organizations. The specialization courses use an interdisciplinary approach to the practices and methodologies of systems analysis, design, development, and integration and evaluation of information technology into business functions and processes.

Select four courses from the following:


* See The Capstone Course Requirement for more information.

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