Sep 22, 2023  
Rensselaer Catalog 2023-2024 
Rensselaer Catalog 2023-2024

Industrial and Management Engineering B.S.

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This curriculum requires a minimum of 128 credit hours and completion of the course requirements shown in the typical four-year program presented below.

First Year


  • HASS Core Elective I Credit Hours: 4


  • Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) Core Elective II Credit Hours: 4

Second Year


  • HASS Core Elective III Credit Hours: 4

Third Year

The Arch Summer Semester*

*For students who have applied for and been granted an exception, The Arch Summer courses would be taken during the fall semester. For listing of the exception process go to:

  • HASS Core Elective IV Credits Hours: 4

Fall OR Spring

  • Technical Elective I Credit Hours: 3
    (See footnote 7 below)
  • Technical Elective II Credit Hours: 3
    (See footnote 7 below)
  • HASS Core Elective V Credit Hours: 4
  • Management Elective I Credit Hours: 4
    (See footnote 4 below)

Fourth Year


  • Technical Elective III  Credit Hours: 3
    (See footnote 7 below) 
  • Free Elective I Credit Hours: 4
  • Science Elective Credit Hours: 4
    (See footnote 3 below)  


  • Technical Elective IV Credit Hours:3
    (See footnote 7 below)
  • Free Elective II Credit Hours: 4
  • Free Elective III Credit Hours: 4

Free Electives

The free electives indicated above may be chosen from any academic discipline to broaden the student’s educational background and/or develop greater depth in a selected discipline.

Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Electives

The electives in this area are based on the Institute and School of Engineering requirements. Students are urged to elect humanities, arts, and social science sequences through which they will obtain adequate breadth and depth in subject areas. Students desiring minors in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences must consult the school or department in which the courses are offered to obtain further information and specific requirements.


  1. ENGR 1200  and ENGR 1300  may be taken in either order. ENGR 1300  may be replaced with ISYE 1100 . ENGR 1200  may be replaced with ENGR 1400 
  2. This course is only offered in the spring semester.
  3. IME majors may select any 4-credit course with the designation ASTR, BCBP, BIOL, CHEM, ERTH, IENV, MATH, or PHYS to satisfy the science elective requirement.
  4. IME majors must select one of the following restricted electives to satisfy the Management Elective:
    ECON 1200  
    INQR 1200   ISYE 4440  
    MGMT 1100  
    MGMT 2300  
    MGMT 4510   
    MGMT 4520  
    ​​PSYC 1200  
  5. For a list of courses that satisfy the Professional Development - Technical Issues & Solution requirement, refer to the link “Professional Development Courses” on the Registrar’s “Academic Planning” webpage. It should be completed before the capstone design course.
  6. This course is only offered in the fall semester.
  7. IME majors must complete 4 Technical Electives from the following list.  A minimum of three of these courses must be in engineering (i.e., have an ISYE, ENGR, or other engineering discipline prefix).  Note that not all courses are offered every year.

      CSCI 4250  

ECON 4570  

ECSE 1010  

ENGR 1600  

ENGR 2090  

ENGR 2250  

ENGR 2300  

ENGR 2350  

ENGR 2530  

ENGR 2710    

ENGR 4710  

ENGR 4720  

ISYE 4200  

ISYE 4230  

ISYE 4240  

ISYE 4250  

ISYE 4260  

ISYE 4280  

ISYE 4300  

ISYE 4310  

ISYE 4320  

ISYE 4330 

ISYE 4360  

ISYE 4340  

ISYE 4350     

ISYE 4760  

ISYE 4810  

MANE 4330  

MANE 2710  

PSYC 4310  

Special undergraduate sections or regular graduate sections of 6000-level ISYE courses can also serve as technical electives except for ISYE 6600 , ISYE 6610 , and ISYE 6620 .

  1. IME majors may substitute ENGR 2050   with MANE 2220  Inventors Studio 1.​
  2. IME majors may substitute ENGR 4010   and ISYE 4270   with MANE 4220  Inventors Studio 2. ENGR 4010  can also be taken in the fall semester.




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