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Rensselaer Catalog 2009-2010 
Rensselaer Catalog 2009-2010 [Archived Catalog]

Multiscale Science and Engineering Center

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Director: Jacob Fish

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Recognizing that tomorrow’s technological advances in science and engineering, including materials, nanosciences, biosciences, electronics, energy, and homeland security cannot tolerate partitioned view of nature, Rensselaer formed a new multidisciplinary center, the Multiscale Science and Engineering Center (MSEC). The mission of the center is to develop the basic science needed to revolutionize engineering practice and scientific discovery based on multiscale principles by utilizing Rensselaer strength in modeling, simulation, and experimentation across multiple spatial and temporal scales.

The primary objectives of MSEC are to promote ongoing research in multiscale science and engineering, to develop new synergies, and to pursue new funding opportunities. A collaborative effort between Rensselaer faculty in multiscale mathematics, modeling, simulations, optimization, and domain experts in materials, biosciences, nanotechnology, electronics and energy, and other areas has been established to address the following barriers: What is the information that needs to be transferred from one model or scale to another? What are the optimal ways to achieve such transfer of information? What physical principles must be satisfied during the transfer of information? What are the experimental techniques needed for multiscale model validation? How to quantify variability of physical parameters at multiple scale, and how to account for it to ensure design robustness?


Affiliated Faculty

T. Abdoun, M. Amitay, K. Anderson, G. Belfort, B. W. Bequette, T. Borca-Tasciuc, S. Bringsjord, L. Castillo, W. K. Chan, M. Cheney, M. O. Coppens, G. Cusatis, S. De, N. DePaola, R. Dobry, G.J. Dvorak, G.A. Eisman, M. J. Embrechts, J. Fish, D. Gall, S. Garde, H. Huang, K. Jansen, Q. Ji, P. Keblinski, N. Koratkar, P. Kramer, D. Lewis, F. Li, A. Maniatty, J. McLaughlin, A. Messac, D. Millard, S. Nayak, A. Oberai, R. Ozisik, C. Picu, J. Plawsky, K. Rose, B. Roysam, S. Salon, L. Schadler, M. Shephard, M. Shur, B. Siegmann, R. Spilker, J. Stegemann, T. Wei, J. Wen, G. Xu, M. Zeghal, L. Zhang

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