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Rensselaer Catalog 2009-2010 
Rensselaer Catalog 2009-2010 [Archived Catalog]

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CIVL 4570 - Analytical Methods in Civil Engineering Systems

This course is an applications-oriented course covering basic analytical tools for modeling and optimization of large-scale civil engineering systems. Application domains in civil engineering that will be discussed include: scheduling in large systems, pipeline systems, transportation and logistics planning,  as well as other civil engineering systems. An overview of different optimization techniques, with a particular focus on network flow problems and introductory stochastic analysis will be provided. Software to solve these problems will be used throughout the class. 


Prerequisite:  CIVL 2030, ENGR 2600, and ENGR 4760. 

When Offered: Fall term even numbered years.

Credit Hours: 3

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