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Rensselaer Catalog 2015-2016 
Rensselaer Catalog 2015-2016 [Archived Catalog]

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CIVL 6700 - Finite Element Methods in Structural Dynamics

Solutions to the free vibration and transient dynamic responses of two-and three-dimensional structures by the finite element method are considered. The governing finite element matrix equations are derived and numerical aspects of solving these time-dependent equations considered. Topics include the formulation of the eigenvalue problem, algorithms for eigenvalue extraction, time integration methods including stability and accuracy analysis, and finite elements in time. Modal analysis and direct time integration techniques are compared for a variety of two-and three-dimensional problems.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Prerequisite: CIVL 6660 or MANE 6660.

When Offered: Fall term odd-numbered years.

Cross Listed: Cross listed as MANE 6700. Students cannot obtain credit for both this course and MANE 6700.

Credit Hours: 3

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