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Rensselaer Catalog 2008-2009 
Rensselaer Catalog 2008-2009 [Archived Catalog]


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Office of the President

Shirley Ann Jackson
Secretary of the Institute and General Counsel  
Charles F. Carletta
Associate Vice President for Policy and Planning and Chief of Staff
Laban L. Coblentz
Vice President and Dean, Rensselaer at Hartford  
John A. Minasian

Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC)

Johannes E. Goebel
  Curator, Dance  
Hélène Lesterlin
  Curator, Time Based Arts  
Kathleen Forde

Rensselaer Technology Park and Commercial Real Estate Development

Michael H. Wacholder

Office of Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer, and New Ventures

  Executive Director  
Ronald M. Kudla
    Director, Incubator Program  
Michael J. Tentnowski
    Director, Technology Commercialization  
Charles F. Rancourt

Division of Human Resources

Vice President for Human Resources  
Curtis N. Powell
Director, Human Resources  
Larry Hardy
Director, Environmental Health and Safety  
Peter Collopy
Manager, Compensation  
Anne Bilynsky
Manager, Benefits and Retirement  
Louis Padula
Manager, Employment  
Kathy McNamara
Manager, Human Resources Information Systems  
James MacLain
Manager, Operations  
Jacquelyn Turner

Office of the Provost

Robert E. Palazzo (Acting)
Lead Business Manager  
Patricia Proper


Graduate Education
Vice Provost and Dean  
Associate Dean  
Dennis Gornic
Director of Outreach Programs  
Kim Scalzo


Undergraduate Education
Vice Provost and Dean  
Prabhat Hajela
Associate Dean for Academic Advising, Assessment,
and Special Programs
Michael H. Hanna
Program Manager for Undergraduate Education  
Kathleen O’Connor
Director, Advising and Learning Assistance Center  
Michael H. Hanna
Director, Anderson Center for Innovation in
Undergraduate Education
Bradford C. Lister
Commanding Officer, USAF Air and Space
Studies ROTC
Col. Christopher O’Hara
Commanding Officer, Military Science ROTC
Lt. Col. Michael Papadopoulos
Commanding Officer, Naval Science ROTC  
Capt. Steven Kremer


Institute Diversity
Vice Provost for Institute Diversity  


Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship  
Robert A. Chernow


Institutional Research
Director, Institutional Research  
Jack Mahoney


School of Architecture
Alan Balfour
Associate Dean  
Ted Krueger


School of Engineering
Alan W. Cramb
Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs  
Richard N. Smith
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs  
Joe H. Chow
Director of International Programs  
Lester Gerhardt
Director, Core Engineering  
Mark W. Steiner
Director, Diversity and Women in Engineering Programs  
Barbara Ruel


School of Humanities and Social Sciences
John P. Harrington
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
and Curriculum Initiatives
C.L. Odell
Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research Initiatives.  
Wayne D. Gray


Lally School of Management and Technology
David A. Gautschi
Assistant Dean for Master’s and Executive Programs  
Jill Terry
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs  
Jeffrey Durgee
Director, Undergraduate Programs  
Frank X. Wright
Director, Executive Programs  
Directors, Ph.D. Program  
Iftekhar Hasan and Bill Francis


School of Science
Associate Dean  
Samuel C. Wait Jr.
Associate Dean of Science and Information
David Spooner
Associate Dean of Science for Graduate Education
and Research
William L. Siegmann


Rensselaer at Hartford
Vice President and Dean  
John A. Minasian
Assistant Dean for Academic Programs  
Houman Younessi
Business Manager  
Communications Manager  
Thomas J. Bittel
Director, Admissions  
Rebecca M. Danchak
Director, The Cole Library  
Mary S. Dixey
Director, Academic Operations and Logistics  
Witton J. Burnum
Director, Marketing and Business Development  
Elliot Field
Director, Operations and Facilities  
Paul J. Murphy
Director, Technical and Information Services  
Brian J. Clement
Executive Assistant  
Lorraine Kammerer
Manager, Administrative Services  
Director, Enrollment Management and Marketing  
Kristen E. Galligan
Manager, Financial Services  
Natalie A. Sutera
Doris M. Matsikas


Vice President for Administration  
Claude D. Rounds
Assistant Vice President for Administration  
Paul W. Martin


Auxiliary, Parking, and Transportation Services
Kathryn B. Edick
Manager, Conference Services/Houston Field House  
Norris Pearson
Operations Supervisor, Parking and Transportation  
Jason M. Jones
Campus Planning and Facilities Design
J. Bruce Kunkel (Acting)
Manager, Engineering  
Steven Angle
Manager, Design and Construction  
Edward M. Staats
Manager, Planning and Space Utilization  
J. Bruce Kunkel
Environmental and Site Services
Jerry Faiola
Manager, Environmental Services  
Brian Kiel
Manager, Site Services  
John Holstein
Physical Plant
Mark A. Frost
Associate Director  
David Ira
Plant Engineer  
Bruce C. Wyle
Facilities Engineer  
Swaran Rataul
Senior Project Coordinator  
Richard Hornberger
Project Coordinator  
Duane DeWeerdt
Manager, Customer Service Center  
Paul Galbraith
Manager, Facilities Automation  

Procurement and Administrative Services

Director, Materials Management  
Ann Crislip
Associate Director, Material Management  
Kevin R. Smith
Director, Real Estate  
James M. Lyons
Manager, Administrative Services  
Cathleen A. DiDio
Senior Business Manager  
Steven Schwan
Manager, Stockroom  
Donald Ammerman
Public Safety
Jerry Matthews
Associate Director  
Ruth Vibert (Acting)
Rensselaer Dining Services (Sodexho Marriott)
Resident District Manager  
John Fusco
General Manager  
Paul Keck
Dining Director, Rensselaer Union  
Robert McIntosh
Resident Dining Director  
Patty Stargensky
Marketing Director  
David Gaul
Catering Manager  
Jeff Kurto
Special Projects Group
Assistant Vice President for Capital Projects  
Oleh Turczak
EMPAC Integration Manager  
Martin Moore

Division of the Chief Information Officer (DotCIO)

Vice President for Information Services and Technology and Chief Information Officer  
John E. Kolb
Assistant Vice President for Information Services  
Jeffrey G. Miner
Director, Academic & Research Computing  
Mark Miller (Acting)
Director, Multimedia Services  
James Evans
Director, Information Technologies and Infrastructure  
Graham Doig (Acting)
Director, Integrated Administrative Computing Solutions  
Ora Fish (Acting)
Director, Research Libraries  
Bob Mayo (Acting)
Director, Strategic Information Policy & Planning  
John E. Kolb (Acting)
Director, Communications & Middleware Technologies  
Gary Schwartz



Vice President for Enrollment/Dean, Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions  
James G. Nondorf
Director, Operations  
Sharon M. Beaudoin
Director, Graduate Admissions  
George B. Robbins
Director, Undergraduate Admissions  
Karen S. Long
Associate Director, Enrollment Outreach  
Raymond Lutzky
Director, Financial Aid  
James H. Stevenson
Associate Director, Financial Aid  
Lynnett E. Koch
Associate Director, Financial Aid  
Meredith Tower
Assistant Director, Financial Aid  
Heather E. Ruland
Assistant Director, Financial Aid  
Phylle Lentz


Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer  
Virginia C. Gregg


Controller’s Office
Assistant Vice President and Controller  
Kirsten Volpi
Director, Accounting  
Jeraldine Lake
Director, Disbursement Operations and Payroll  
Pamela A. Rochminski
Daniel Maguffin
Lead Business Support Analyst  
Jackie Ellsworth
Director, Research Administration and Finance  
Denise Clark


Financial Planning and Budget
Assistant Vice President for Finance, Financial Planning, and Services  
Russell Giambelluca
Director, Budget  
Eileen McLoughlin
Associate Budget Director  
Helen Grzymala
Budget Analyst  
Sean Doyle


Walé Adeosun
Travis Angevine
Director, Capital Finance and Banking  
Christopher Berry
Investment Analyst  
R. Mark Larkin

Institute Advancement

Vice President for Institute Advancement  
Donald R. Fry
Associate Vice President  
William Shumway (Acting)


Advancement Strategy Services and Infrastructure
Assistant Vice President  
Director, Advancement Communications  
Barbara Pilliod
Director, Advancement Events  
Elise Morgenstern
Manager, Constituent Data Systems and Training  
Marie K. Carroll
Manager, Donor Relations  
Kristi Jongeling
Manager, Stewardship  
Lynn Hopwood
Manager, Research  
Tim Gergich


Development and Alumni Relations
Director, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving  
Jeffrey Schanz
Director, Development  
Art Tracy (Acting)
Director, Gift Planning  
Art Tracy
Director, Regional Programs  
Lisa A. McGrath
Manager, Annual Giving  
Catherine Potvin
Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations  
Veronica Fitzgerald-Kaedy (Acting)
Director, International Advancement  
Dawn Chen


Acting Vice President for Research  
Wolf W. von Maltzahn


Strategic Communications and External Relations
Vice President  
William Walker
Assistant Vice President for Government and
Community Relations
Allison Newman
Director, State Relations  
John Mac Enroe
Director, Community Relations  
Director, Federal Relations  
Deborah Altenburg
Director, Marketing  
Manager, Media Relations  
Jason Gorss
Director, University Events  
Joe Michels
Managing Editor, Rensselaer Magazine  
Tracey Leibach
Manager, Web Production  
Steven Morris

Student Life



Vice President for Student Life  
Eddie Ade Knowles
Executive Secretary  
Barbara L. Dean
Business Manager  
Gina Ricci


Director of Athletics  
Ken Ralph
Associate Director, Business  
Karen Hansen
Director of Women’s Programs  
Carol A. Pillsworth
Director of Intramurals  
Karl Steffen
Assistant Director  
Mike Griffin
Assistant Director  
Joe King


Career Development Center
Director, Career Development Center  
Thomas L. Tarantelli
Senior Associate Director and Director, Cooperative Education
Diana Leis Delker
Associate Director  
Colleen O’Byrne
Assistant Director  
Dawn Weaver
Career Counselor  
Jennifer Heptig
Career Counselor  
Stacy Galarneau


Dean of Students
Dean of Students  
Mark Smith
Associate Dean, Senior Judicial Administrator, Judicial Affairs  
Paul Meyer
Associate Dean and Director, Office of Minority Student Affairs  
Karen Ferrer-Muniz
Assistant Dean, International Services for Students & Scholars  
Jane Havis
Assistant Dean, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs  
Jessica Wickiewicz
Assistant Director/Operations Manager  
Jaye Vien
Assistant Dean, Disability Service for Students  
Debra Hamilton
Assistant Dean of Students/Assistant Director, HEOP
and Academic Services
Assistant Dean of Students/Director, Pipeline Initiatives
and Partnership
Cynthia Smith
Counselor, OMSA  


First-Year Experience
Dean, First-Year Experience  
Lisa Trahan
Assistant Dean  
Janelle Fayette
Assistant Dean  
Robin S. Foster
Assistant Dean/Communications and Outreach  
Jonathan Masullo


Student Health Center
Leslie Lawrence, M.D.
Associate Director  
Director, Counseling Center  
Joseph Albert
Health Educator  
Terri Kersch


Religious Affairs
Coordinator, Religious Affairs and Resident
Catholic Chaplain
Rev. Edward S. Kacerguis
Resident Catholic Chaplain  
Marie Venaglia
Associate Protestant Chaplain  
Beth Illingworth, Troy Area United Ministries
Hillel Adviser  
Rabbi Aryeh Wineman
Imam of the Troy Mosque  
Djafer Sebkhaoui


Rensselaer Union
Rick Hartt
Coordinator, Mueller Center, Programs, and Club Sports  
Steve Allard
Assistant Coordinator, Fitness Center, Programs, and Intramurals
Joseph Campo
Coordinator, Strength and Weight Training  
Jon Rowan
Assistant Coordinator of Strength and Weight Training  
Sarah Tuczynski
Mueller Center Program Coordinator  
John Nehrich
Coordinator, Student Activities  
Cameron Reid McLean
Assistant Coordinator, Student Activities  
Erika Rau Lawson
Assistant Coordinator, Student Activities  
Melissa Termine-Goetz
Director, Business Operations and Bookstore  
Michael McDermott
Assistant Director, Business Operations and Bookstore  
Traci Griffin
Finance Coordinator and Office Manager  
Martha McElligott
Facilities Coordinator-Reservations  
Jean Purtell
Director, Young Actors Guild at Rensselaer  
Mary D’amico


Archer Center for Student Leadership Development
Linda Teitelman McCloskey
Administrative Associate  
Jerin Turner
Associate Director  
Christine Allard
Associate Director/Lecturer  
Kimberly Foore
Associate Director/Lecturer  
Catherine Persoon
Associate Director/Lecturer  
Tracy Schierenbeck
Associate Director/Lecturer  
Graham Knowles
Associate Director/Lecturer  
Annie Virkus
Associate Director/Lecturer  
James Reed
Associate Director/Lecturer  
Scott Adams


Residence Life
Interim Director  
Lisa Trahan
Associate Director  
Amanda Bingel
Assistant Director  
Shannon Hitchcock
Assistant Director  
V. Mark Diodato
Assistant Director  
Frederick Van Strander
Assistant Director  
Beth Pasinella


Office of the Registrar
Registrar and Director
Sharon L. Kunkel
Senior Associate Registrar  
Maria Zanotta
Associate Registrar  
Peggy Conroy-Martin
Assistant Registrar  
Kim Herkert
Assistant Registrar  
Michael Conroy
Customer Service Manager  
Mike Bayer
Customer Support Analyst  
Suzanne Dunn

Board of Trustees



Samuel F. Heffner Jr. ‘56 B.Arch., President, Dickinson-Heffner Inc., Chair
Arthur J. Gajarsa ‘62
B.S., M.A., J.D., Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals the Federal Circuit, Vice Chair
Shirley Ann Jackson
S.B., Ph.D., D.L. (Hon.), D.Sc. (Hon.), NAE, President
Paula L. Simon ‘68
B.S., M.S., MBA, Chief Technology Officer, Wildlife Conservation Society, Secretary


Stephen A. Barre ‘60
B.S., MBA, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Servo Corp. of America
Cornelius J. Barton ‘58
B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Dorr-Oliver Inc.
Thomas R. Baruch ‘60
B.M.T., J.D., Founder and Managing Director, CMEA Ventures
Myles Brand ‘64 B.S., Ph.D., President, National Collegiate Athletic Association
John H. Broadbent Jr. ‘59
B.S., MBA, Founder, Director and Former Chief Financial Officer, Arrow International Inc.
George Campbell Jr.
B.S., Ph.D., D.Sc. (Hon.), D.H.L. (Hon.), President, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
John W. Carr ‘77
B.S., M.S., J.D./MBA, Partner, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett
Gary T. DiCamillo ‘73
B.S., MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer, GW Premier America, Inc.
Nicholas M. Donofrio ‘67
B.E.E., M.Eng., Ph.D. (Hon.), NAE, Executive Vice President, Innovation and Technology, IBM Corp.
Arthur F. Golden ‘66 B.S., J.D. Partner, Davix, Polk and Wardell Law Firm
Michael E. Herman ‘62
B.M.T., MBA, Ph.D. (Hon.) Herman Family Trading Company
David M. Hirsch ‘65
B.E.E., MBA, President, Vertex Fasteners
Thomas N. Iovino ‘73
B.S., M.S., President and Founder, Judlau Contracting, Inc.
Jeffrey L. Kodosky ‘70
B.S., Co-Founder and Fellow, National Instruments
Kenneth T. Lally
Former President, Teledyne Gurley, Honorary Secretary of the Board
Robin B. Martin ‘71
B.S., M.S., D.H.L. (Hon.), President and Chief Executive Officer, The Deer River Group
Francis L. McKone ‘63
B.S., M.S., Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Albany International Corp.
Nancy S. Mueller
B.S., Founder, Nancy’s Specialty Foods
Curtis Priem ‘82
B.S.E.E., Founder and former Chief Technical Officer of NVIDIA, Corp.
Janet C. Rutledge ‘83
B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Associate Dean of the Graduate School, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Linda S. Sanford ‘75
B.S., M.S., NAE, Senior Vice President, Enterprise on Demand Transformation Information Technology, IBM Corporation
Paul J. Severino ‘69
B.S., Founder and Former Chairman, Bay Networks
Jackson P. Tai ‘72
B.S., MBA, Former Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Development Bank of Singapore, DBS Group Holding Ltd / DBS Bank Ltd.
G. Robert Tod ‘61
B.M.E., MBA, Former President and Chief Operating Officer, CML Group Inc.
Harry J. Tutunjian
A.S., Mayor of Troy, Ex Officio
Edward J. Zander ‘68 B.S., MBA, Former Chairman, Motorola, Inc.
Ronald J. Zlatoper, USN (Ret.) ‘63 B.S., M.S., D.Eng. (Hon.), The Estate of James Campbell

Honorary Trustees


Harlan E. Anderson B.S., M.S., General Partner, Anderson Investment Co.
Harry Apkarian ‘46 B.M.E., D.Sc. (Hon.), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Transtech Systems Inc.
Warren H. Bruggeman ‘46 B.S., M.S., Former Vice President, General Electric Co.
Mary L. Good B.S., M.S., Ph.D., NAE, Dean, Donaghey College of Information Science and Systems Engineering, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Edward E. Hood Jr. B.S., M.S., NAE, Vice Chairman and Executive Officer, Retired, General Electric Co., Chair Emeritus
John T. Horton ‘52 Ph.B, B.S., M.S.
Howard P. Isermann ‘42 B.S., Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, NOVAROME Inc.
Jack S. Parker B.S., D.B.Ad., LL.D. (Hon.), NAE, Director Emeritus, Former Chairman and Executive Officer, General Electric Co.
C. Sheldon Roberts ‘48 B.S., S.M., Sc.D., D.Eng. (Hon.), Former Consultant, Materials and Processes
Carl J. Thomsen ‘38 B.S., J.D. (Hon.), Hon. Fellow, Former General Director, Texas Instruments Inc.

Adjunct Trustees


Howard Blitman ‘50 B.S., M.S., Owner and President, Blitman Building Corporation
Robert P. Bozzone ‘55 B.S., M.S., Chairman of the Board, Allegheny Teledyne Inc.
Raymond A. Lancaster B.B.A., Managing Director, South Franklin Street Partners
John Nigro Owner, Nigro Companies
Richard A. Spillane, Jr. ‘72 B.S., MBA, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Investments, Fidelity Investments
Richard H. Stowe ‘65 B.S., MBA, General Partner, Health Enterprise Partners, LLC
Robert O. Swanson ‘58 B.S., Former Director and Executive Vice President, Mobil Corporation
Harvey L. Zeve ‘52 B.Mgt.E., Chairman, H. L. Zeve Associates, Inc.

Administrative Officers*


Shirley Ann Jackson S.B., Ph.D., D.L. (Hon.), D.Sc. (Hon.), NAE, President
Charles F. Carletta B.A., J.D., Secretary of the Institute and General Counsel
Donald R. Fry B.S., M.S. Vice President for Institute Advancement
Virginia C. Gregg B.A., M.S., Vice President for Finance
Eddie Ade Knowles B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Vice President for Student Life
John E. Kolb B.S., M.S., Vice President for Information Services and Technology and Chief Information Officer
James G. Nondorf
B.A., M.A., Vice President for Enrollment/Dean, Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions
Robert E. Palazzo
B.S., Ph.D., Provost
Curtis N. Powell SPHR
B.S., M.S., Vice President for Human Resources
Claude D. Rounds
B.A., Vice President for Administration
Wolf W. von Maltzahn M.S. PH.D., Acting Vice President for Research
William N. Walker B.S. Vice President for Strategic Communications and External Relations

*As of April 2007