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Rensselaer Catalog 2018-2019 
Rensselaer Catalog 2018-2019 [Archived Catalog]

Aeronautical Engineering Curriculum

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First Year

Fall Semester (17 credits)

  • HASS Elective Credit Hours: 4
    (See footnote 3 below)

Spring Semester (17 credits)

  • HASS Elective Credit Hours: 4
    (See footnote 3 below)

Second Year

Fall Semester (16 credits)

  • ENGR 2XXX Engineering Design Elective
    (See footnotes 1,5,6 below)

Spring Semester (17 credits)

  • HASS Elective  Credit Hours: 4
    (See footnote 3 below)

Third Year

The Arch Summer Semester* (16 credits)

*For students who have applied for and been granted an exception, The Arch Summer courses would be taken during the fall semester. For listing of the exception process go to:
(See footnote 9 below)

  • HASS Elective Credit Hours: 4
    (See footnote 3 below)

Fall or Spring Semester (16 credits)

  • Free Elective Credit Hours: 4
    (See footnote 6,9 below) 
  • STSS 496X Professional Development II Credit Hours: 2
    (See footnote 1,6,7 below)

Fourth Year

Fall Semester (16 credits)

  • MANE 4XXX Computation Elective Credit Hours: 3
    (See footnotes 1, 10 below)
  • MANE 4XXX Flight Mechanics Elective Credit Hours: 4
    (See footnotes 9, 11 below)
  • Free Elective Credit Hours: 4

Spring Semester (15 credits)

  • Free Elective Credit Hours: 4
  • HASS Elective Credit Hours: 4
    ​(See footnote 3 below) 
  • MANE 4XXX Capstone Design Elective Credit Hours: 3
    (See footnotes 9, 12 below)
  • MANE 4XXX Aerospace Technical Elective Credit Hours: 3
    (See footnotes 1, 13 below)

Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Electives

In this area, the electives are based on the Institute and School of Engineering requirements for these electives. Students are urged to elect humanities, arts, and social science sequences through which they will obtain adequate breadth and depth in subject areas. Students desiring minors in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences must consult the school or department in which the courses are offered to obtain further information and specific requirements.


  1. These required courses may be taken in any order in the academic year shown (or in a previous year) given the pre-requisites are met.
  2. Choice of ENGR 1200 Engineering Graphics and CAD, ENGR 1400 Engineering Communication, or CIVL 1200 Engineering Graphics for Civil Engineers; ENGR 1200 is preferred for Aerospace Engineers.
  3. The five HASS Electives may be taken in any semester; it is recommended to schedule one in each of the first two semesters and at least one in the Arch summer term.
  4. Any 1-credit engineering exploration elective (e.g., “Introduction to [major]”) may be substituted.
  5. Choice of ENGR 2050 Introduction to Engineering Design or MANE 2220 Inventor’s Studio 1; both have Professional Development I embedded in them.
  6. These courses may be taken in the Arch Summer semester (if the summer schedule permits).
  7. For a list of courses that satisfy the PD II requirement refer to the link “Courses which satisfy PD II requirement” on the SIS home page.
  8. These three laboratory courses may be taken any semester in the junior or senior year, provided all prerequisites have been completed.
  9. Aeronautical Engineering students should start planning for their Flight Mechanics/Capstone track prior to the Arch summer. Those on the Space Flight track must take MANE 4100 Spaceflight Mechanics during spring semester of third year (in place of the free elective) to assure timely graduation.
  10. Choice of MANE 4140 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics, MANE 4240 Introduction to Finite Elements, or MANE 4280 Design Optimization.
  11. Choice of MANE 4090 Flight Mechanics, MANE 4200 Rotorcraft Performance, Stability, and Control, or MANE 4100 Spaceflight Mechanics (as noted, the latter must be taken in spring semester of third year to assure timely graduation).
  12. Choice of MANE 4230 Air Vehicle Design, MANE 4850 Space Vehicle Design, or MANE 4860 Introduction to Helicopter Design (students on the Space Flight track take MANE 4850 in fall of fourth year).
  13. Aerospace Technical Elective
    •The Aerospace Technical Elective is a MANE 4000-level or higher course or research related to Aerospace Engineering that is taken for 3 credits or more.
    •Aerospace Technical Electives may not be taken on a Pass/No Credit basis.


Dual Major Programs

A dual major in Aeronautical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering is available to students who follow a prescribed program that can be completed in eight semesters. General requirements and procedures for dual degrees are described within the Academic Information and Regulations section of this catalog. Degree templates for dual majors offered by the MANE department may be found here:

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