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Rensselaer Catalog 2017-2018 
Rensselaer Catalog 2017-2018 [Archived Catalog]

Master of Science in Management

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The M.S. in Management is a 30-credit program designed for students who wish to gain an exposure to the fundamentals of business and some depth in one of its specific disciplines, or, develop a much deeper expertise in a specific discipline.

A two-semester Professional Development Workshop series is also required to help students develop business communications, teamwork, leadership, and job search skills.

Outcomes of the Graduate Curriculum
Students who successfully complete this program will be able to demonstrate:

  • key skills relating to accounting and how to manage a business organization.
  • key skills relating to finance and how to manage a business organization.
  • key skills relating to organizational behavior and how to manage a business organization.
  • depth of expertise in Information Systems and Operations Management.
  • depth of expertise in Finance.
  • depth of expertise in Marketing and New Product Development.
  • depth of expertise in Technology Entrepreneurship.
  • ability to solve issues in case settings.
  • breadth in knowledge of analytical skills and appropriate use of analytical skills.

Required Professional Development and Career Workshops

  • MGMT 6960-1 Professional Development Workshop 1/Career Workshops  Credit Hours: 0
  • MGMT 6971-1 Professional Development Workshop 2/Career Workshops  Credit Hours: 0

Concentrations in the Master of Science Program

A concentration consists of a 12-credit group of related courses. Concentrations aid students in marketing themselves to employers for internship opportunities or for employment opportunities upon graduation.

Business Analytics

Required Course:

  • MGMT 6963 - Technology Fundamentals for Business Analytics Credit Hours: 3

Choose three (3) from the following:


Students can elect one of two options: Investments or Corporate Finance. All students must take MGMT 6430 and then elect three courses from one of the options below.

Investments Option

Technological Entrepreneurship

Students following the technological entrepreneurship concentration may elect two paths: entrepreneurship for start ups or corporate entrepreneurship. The former focuses on founding a brand new business entity, whereas the latter focuses on creating new growth platforms based on technological innovation within established companies. Both require entrepreneurial behavior.

All students in the Technological Entrepreneurship concentration should take:

Corporate Entrepreneurship Option

Students wishing to pursue the corporate entrepreneurship option can elect two courses from the following list:

Start-Up Option

Then, students wishing to pursue the start up path can elect two courses from the following list:

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