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Rensselaer Catalog 2013-2014 
Rensselaer Catalog 2013-2014 [Archived Catalog]

Computer Science M.S. (Hartford)

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Program Requirements

Applicants are assumed to have knowledge of computer concepts and programming in a high-level language (e.g., C, Pascal). To receive the Master of Science degree in Computer Science, students must earn a minimum of 30 credit hours in Computer Science or Engineering courses and satisfy the following requirements:

Plan of Study
Each student completes a Plan of Study in consultation with his or her adviser.  This Plan will include required immigration courses (if any), five core courses, Research Methods course, the Culminating Experience (Computer Science Project), and three elective courses.  At least two of the elective courses should pertain to a specific area that reflects the student’s professional or academic interest.

Immigration Courses
Depending on academic background and professional experience, some students may be required to begin their studies with one or more prerequisite “immigration” course(s) in addition to the standard 30 credit hours for the degree.  The immigration courses are:

Additional Program Information

Students with two or more immigration courses as prerequisites may be admitted conditionally. Since these are the equivalent of undergraduate courses, students are expected to achieve a grade of “B” or better in each course. Achievement below this level is cause for re-examination of admission.  In addition, these immigration courses will not enter into the calculation of a student’s GPA for graduation.

Core Courses (15 credits)

Each Plan of Study will contain the following five courses:

Research Methods Course (3 credits):

Culminating Experience (3 credits):

(For students admitted after Summer 2004, an approved Project Proposal is required before registering. Contact the department for further guidance.)

Computer Science and Other Electives (9 credits):

With the exception of the immigration courses, all courses with the designation CISH or CSCI and most designated ECSE may be used as electives for the degree.

Advanced Courses

At least 18 credit hours must be at the “advanced” level. All courses with suffix numbers 6000-6990 fall into this category. These courses may include special topics courses which are offered under CISH or CSCI 6960 Topics in Computer and Information Sciences or ECSE 6960 Topics in Electrical Engineering.

After completing course work in a particular area, students may elect to complete a three-or six-credit Master’s Project (CISH 6970 or CSCI 6980) or six-credit Thesis (CISH or CSCI 6990) in that area.


Program Completion

Students will complete their program of study via one of two paths:

Applied Path


Theory Path

  • One Theory Course
  • One CISH or CSCI Theory Course (3 credits)


For More Information

Information concerning the Computer Science programs may be obtained by contacting Dr. Houman Younessi at (860) 548-7880, (800) 290-7637, ext. 7880; e-mail: youneh@rpi.edu; or by visiting: www.ewp.rpi.edu/does.

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