Jun 10, 2023  
Rensselaer Catalog 2021-2022 
Rensselaer Catalog 2021-2022 [Archived Catalog]

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CSCI 4030 - Randomized Algorithms

State-of-the-art in contemporary algorithm design, randomized algorithms are algorithms that use randomness as part of their functioning. They are typically simple, often easy to analyze, and work well in practice. They have numerous applications in many fields of computer science and mathematics. Randomized algorithms represent an active and vibrant research area with many exciting new results contributed every year.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Prerequisite: CSCI 4020 or equivalent.

When Offered: Fall term annually.

Cross Listed: CSCI 6220. Students cannot receive credit for both CSCI 4030 and CSCI 6220.

Credit Hours: 4

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