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Rensselaer Catalog 2016-2017 
Rensselaer Catalog 2016-2017 [Archived Catalog]

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ECSE 6700 - Computer Architecture Prototyping with FPGA’s

An advanced design and laboratory course. Design methodologies include register transfer modules and firmware microprogrammed design. Advanced microprocessor topics. “Bit-slice” philosophy of design. LSI microprocessors as design elements in larger digital systems such as high-speed channels and special purpose computers. Detailed discussion of the structure of several computers at the chip and board level. Emphasis on high-speed ECL and Schottky circuits. Specification of custom IC digital systems. FPGA based design implementation using VHDL. Students cannot receive credit for both this course and ECSE 4780.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Prerequisite: ECSE 4770.

When Offered: Spring term annually.

Credit Hours: 3

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